Anime Challenge Day 29! -Anime I Wish Was Real-

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Rounding off the day before the last is an anime that we wish was real. Now, taking this lightly is one thing, going overboard on it is another thing entirely. If you think about anime, a lot of these worlds are quite dangerous. Just think about SAO (Sword Art Online). However, there are some anime worlds that would be rather interesting to live and function in as a normal member of society. I feel that Gintama’s Edo would be one hell of a place to visit and live in the real world with.

Just think about all of the trouble and mischief that occurs within it’s housings. It would be even more fun to be able to interact with a lot of the characters however, disaster usually tends to follow in many of the Gintama cast’s wake… May need to look into body armor or premium life insurance… However, if that world was real then the rules of that would would also apply yes? That means anime openings for everyday! Taking a poo? Opening. Going to the store after waking up? Opening! Wait… that may be a bad thing… Oh well, it should be fun and it should be quite the laugh! Just think about actually having to do a whole skit every time you wake up? Then… what if others are watching you act out this life in the world of Gintama? Maybe you are a new character? The meta just got real.


So, that is the anime, more specifically, the anime world we wish was real! So, what about you all? What anime world would you all be interested in inhabiting? Leave us a comment below or swing on by our twitter page! With just one more day to go, I have to say, I am quite relieved that we will have fully completed one challenge! We will be picking up our gaming challenge we put in hiatus not to long ago! We hope you all look forward to us finishing up that as well.


5 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 29! -Anime I Wish Was Real-

  1. Gintama is the most hilarious anime ever!

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    1. I actually waited a year after having it recommended to watch it. Oh, how sad I was that I did not watch sooner. Thank you for the follow! : D

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      1. No problem! Gintama, although doesn’t have a particular plot, is pretty awesome!

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      2. I think that is the beauty of the anime. : )

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