Website Discussion! -Thank You For Making August Our Best Month-


With the month ending tomorrow, I figured I would do a bit of a post to celebrate and thank everyone who has helped make this month our best month on record! It also happens to be our 5th month in operation! That means we have had a presence on the internet for half a year now; well, technically it is but in reality it is not since only 4 months are left for the actual calendar year… Besides that, it has taken us quite a bit of time to get to this point. I never imagined getting to the point that we are at now with the time that we have had so far. It makes me thrilled to think about how this coming September will be for our website. I do hope that we can continue to keep up with the pace that we are at currently.

We have had a bit of change this month, we added two new authors and we managed to get a nice banner and logo overhaul as well. We want to be able to do more with the twitch page of our site. I do realize that our partnered twitch channel has been less than active. I have been in talks with them and they are having situations right now but, we hope to find a remedy fairly soon! With the new PS4 we recently got, we have pondered the idea of doing a stream every now and then! That may be the best route to travel in, since you all can watch us play some of our favorite games! The main issue presented with this is that we have a rather clogged connection speed and suffer a 10-15 sec lag latency between play  time and recorded time. However we will cross that bridge when we get to that point.

Long story short, we will continue to expand our gaze, our ambitions and goals for this website. We are in the process of organizing a Convention trip this coming March 2016! The convention in name is the every growing Naka-Kon that takes place in Overland Park, Kansas City, Kansas. We hope to be there in force, with a few helpers of the website, at least one of us will be rocking a shirt with our Otaku Gamer Zone logo! So, we will at least have some way to standout! If any of you fellow followers attend this con, let us know! We would be thrilled to meet up! This of course will be the primary convention we cover on this website but would hopefully enjoy getting a chance to expand our gaze to other local conventions to help expand and promote our website! Any ways, as always, thank you for supporting us and helping us grow each day, week and month! Come our first year, which will be after this coming Naka-Kon, we hope to have gotten to a point where this site can at least become something of a part-time job.

Thank you thus far for all you have done to support us!


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