Let’s Talk Gaming: -My Move to Next Gen!-


I bet you thought that all we did were challenge posts! Think again! So, part of the reason why this site has been a bit neglected has to do with two things. One, work has been picking up due to retail getting into the holiday vibe! Two, I have been distracted by my new shiny console that I got. What system you might be asking yourselves? Why the PlayStation 4 of course! Now my reasoning was simple motivation due to a drop in trade in value on my PlayStation 3. So I went into my local GameStop and upgraded. So I got home with my brand spanking new Last of Us Remastered PS4 bundle! I love this beast of a machine. I know, PC gaming is better and the graphics are superb but, I got to say that I love to play console games every now and then. Since I cannot afford a top tier gaming PC, this will have to cut the cake for me.

The PC gaming debacle aside, my move was also fueled by a drop in trade in pricing at most local retailers. Not just for the previous generation Playstation but all consoles. Rather than see my collection degrade further I opted to trade in sooner, rather than later, as originally planed. I have to say, this move has been very awesome and super pleasant. Having the opportunity to play these newer games is something that feels very refreshing, however still rather expensive. I talk about gaming on a budget but with a new console that makes things a bit stretched out. However you can still enjoy the first launch titles for a relatively cheaper price point. Games like Far Cry 4 are only 19.99USD at Best Buy or Amazon, so you can get an awesome game for a nice price point. Others, like the Witcher 3 still demand a higher price tag than the rest. That being said it is nice to be able to enjoy these games on a new engine and new shiny graphics that look amazing.

Sourced form Cnet
Sourced form Cnet

Aside from being lost in the amazing graphics, going next gen was always going to be a logical step for any gamer. We all want to move forward with the technology that we have but at the same time we still try our best to appreciate the older consoles and invest what we can towards it. With more and more developers opting out of releasing on all current console systems, it presents many gamer’s with a challenging choice. Just recently the studio behind the gore-intense fighting game, Mortal Kombat X, just dropped the bomb shell that they are cancelling their last generation ports of their game. One point in particular is just simply that the older consoles can’t do what these consoles can. While I could really care less about this game series, it hit home for all gamer’s. We enjoy being able to play new games but look at games like Dragon Age Inquisition on PS3 vs PS4. There are considerable dips in performance and loss of fidelity and frame rates. This is enough to make these developers feel like they would be giving their fans a lesser game; however, cancelling a game mid production doesn’t help much either.

It is tough though, tough on gamer’s wanting to play the current releases on older systems and tough on developers that want to provide these gamer’s with the newer titles but are limited when porting down a generation. However this choice was hardly an affecting motivation in upgrading versus the reality that the older consoles are losing their value rather quickly. Whether this is a move by companies, like GameStop or developer studios, trying to push the market into upgrading to the newer hardware remains to be seen.

So, do you all play on newer consoles or the older generation? Feel free to let us know below! And if you are a PC gamer, how do you feel about the newer consoles?


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