Let’s Talk Anime: -Why You Should Watch Soul Eater NOT!-

Soul Eater Not!

Feeling rather Soul Eater-y after having rushed through much of the amazing anime that is Soul Eater NOT! Now bear with me, I know Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! are two very different anime and have two very different approaches to art style and story. Soul Eater NOT follows the tale of Tsugumi, a high schooler who finds that she can turn into a weapon. Upon finding this out, she enrolls at the DWMA located near wonderful sin city, Las Vegas! She blunders and encounters many students from the first anime entry that we grew to love and would eventually look up to Maka as inspiration.

Now my purpose is to not talk about the story. I will tell you that it is more of a girl centered theme with moe moments and some fan-service thrown into almost all the female characters. It is off putting a lot of the time however it isn’t as bad as most anime are. It just feels awkward when you know how old these characters are… Aside from that the story is playful and fun! It surely is not for everyone out there, it can put a lot of people off with it’s cute approach but it still has it’s Soul Eater moments and charm. I can look past the girly nature of the anime, thanks in part to my appreciation for the original animation. Speaking of which, many of our favorite characters make appearances however, many feel different. The most noticeable is Maka and Soul. They had a rather FMAB design to them in the first season but with this new moe feeling anime they have a more modern design. This is in part that this anime is not meant to be as dark as the original one was. The anime lets you know this with it’s bright and colorful visuals and locales. However, that hasn’t made people feel angry or upset in the change in art style with the characters. Just keep in mind that this is a more happy and playful anime than the first Soul Eater was.


Aside from the characters the anime feels quite refreshing and manages to expand more upon the DWMA and the surrounding area that grew up around it. They break in the new class structure by showing that there is a support role titled NOT and a more active role of students, like Maka and Soul called EAT. The NOT students fill a more supportive role, while the EAT’s fill a more first responder type role. It also gives wake to new locations in Death City and makes it feel more like a normal city or college town than just a massive looming structure that felt old and dated in the first anime. This anime is in fact set a few years or so before the first anime, so essentially it is a precursor to what we will experience in the first anime. Sid is still human and Medusa is still the resident nurse that we all love. Or at least us here at OGZ… Medusa was one of my favorite characters so yeah. Any way, this anime is short in it’s run cycle. Coming in at only 12 episodes, both sub and dubbed mind you, it is quite easy to sit and watch in a few sittings. Available on Funimation, you can’t go wrong in watching it. Heck, for the small moments we see the original characters, we get treated to hearing the original voice actors reprising their original roles for the positions. It was so nice to be able to hear Sid and Stein’s voice actors.

While more playful, girly and a bit more fan-service, Soul Eater NOT is an anime that is both unique and fond. It gives us a chance to revisit some of our favorite characters and lets us venture back into a more fleshed out version of Death City and the DWMA. It may take a bit getting used to but without spoiling much, it is a very worth while anime to watch and have a few laughs with. It can be found on Funimation in both Sub and Dub.

Have you seen this anime? If so let us know if you liked it, hated it or were indifferent towards it! If you have yet to see it, let us know if you want to see it or if not! Feel free to comment below or catch us on our twitter page!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Anime: -Why You Should Watch Soul Eater NOT!-

  1. I haven’t seen it. I’ll add it to my never-ending list though.
    I nominated you for the Three-Day Quote Challenge. 🙂

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    1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Interesting! Thank you ahah!

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  2. I dropped it after a few episodes while it was still airing. I felt like it was kind of mocking Soul Eater, so meh. But maybe I will give it another try sometime in the future, if you say it’s worth watching.

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    1. To each their own, this anime really is picky in for the viewer to watch. There are some bits I don’t like but overall it is a nice anime. Or maybe I am just an oddity of a guy? Who knows.


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