Anime Challenge Day 26/27! -Best Fight and Most Epic Scene-

So another post double up day! Seeing as these two can easily be combined and the fact I missed a day due to my delightful work schedule.  However I hope to make up for that with this two day off; provided nothing unexpected pops up… Any-who, today we will be talking about our favorite fight and most epic scene in anime. It seems unfair but for me it is actually a bit easy to narrow down. I have the say that the final fight scene in Soul Eater Between Maka and Asura. It was nothing special but seeing the character development from Maka at this point is something special entirely is another thing.


The balance between Maka and Soul from the start was something awesome and amazing but then seeing Maka tap into her weapon abilities was pretty freaking awesome! Looking back at it now I feel it lacked in some ways but going on what I can remember from the anime, it wowed me and still does, which is why I refuse to re-watch Soul Eater, mainly because I fear my impressions may change a second go around. However, the fight scene was one of the better ones I have seen within the anime genre. Nothing special or over the top, just a good typical fight; well, typical for anime that is.

So what are some of your favorite fight scenes? Do you like the fights in Soul Eater? Or Maybe you prefer the 30+ episodes fights for Dragonball Z? Leave a comment below or give us some love on our twitter page! On a Side note, if you have not seen Soul Eater NOT! Give it a chance! I just recently started watching it and am very pleased with the show thus far!


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