Lynlynsays & Matthew Nominated Us For The Creative Blogger Award!


I swear, work just keeps piling up but it is awesome to still see our site getting some love! Both Lynlynsays & Matthew nominated us for the Creative Blogger Award! The rules are pretty simple, state five random facts about oneself and then nominate 15-20 other bloggers that are deserving of this award! Then of course, notify the new recipients and as always, thank those who nominated you! We really do appreciate all the award nominations! We heaven’t been too active recently but we appreciate all the love and support! So, because we got a double nomination we will double up on the random facts! So prepare for ten random bits of information!

  1. I have not listened to English speaking radio or followed any American Bands for the past 6 years! I have listened to Japanese/Korean Rock, Indie and Pop for this time frame!
  2. I have a slightly unhealthy love for TRIGGER’s Kill La Kill product. I have two wall scrolls, one figure, wallet, several pin buttons, one Ryuko Matoi Print and logo on my 3DS XL.
  3. I have played games since the Sega Genesis and as new as Sony’s PlayStation 4.
  4. I avidly play Dungeons and Dragons as a Dungeon Master.
  5. I started watching anime religiously since the seventh grade.
  6. I can write and understand both Hiragana and Katakana.
  7. I slightly prefer girl groups to guy groups in K-Pop.
  8. I have exclusively owned cats growing up. Nothing against dogs, just what I was raised with.
  9. My anime crush is Ema from Shirobako.
  10. I currently live in Missouri but I am a California native.

Phew! Who knew ten facts would actually be a bit rough. Still fun regardless! So now onto the list of fifteen deserving bloggers you should give some love to! Some of these bloggers may have been active when my site was taking off so I hope this is enough to get them back in the game! Some had some awesome content, while most of the bloggers on here should still be active, hopefully.


5 thoughts on “Lynlynsays & Matthew Nominated Us For The Creative Blogger Award!


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      1. LOL.

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  2. Kill la Kill is pretty awesome. I live in CA as well.

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