Anime Challenge Day 24/25! -Most Shocking and Saddest Death-


So I wanted to wait two days to get this one done, since to me it seems a bit redundant, as does a few of the posts in this challenge but hey, I didn’t make it up. Rather than cover two of the same topic back to back, we are going to mash them up into one slightly larger than normal post. So for today’s post we are going to dive back into the land of Fullmetal Alchemist: Bortherhood and talk about the scene that shocked us and took us to school in the feels department. Now, we all may guess as to which scene, plus character, we are leading on about. Definitely a fan favorite, Maes Hughes. His death wasn’t at all expected. After all, he was a fighter who swore to keep on trucking day in and day out. He had his family to protect after all and when confronted with the cold truth about his country and then the even more dangerous homunculus. His death came as a message as to why one should not meddle with affairs and truths larger than them selves.

The feelings are real.
The feelings are real.

What hit viewers the most was how loving he was. He was annoying but he cared. He deeply and most sincerely cared about everyone. He always meddled in the business of others and wouldn’t distract himself from what he was currently doing. It would get him into trouble but, he never looked the other way. His wife knew this, which was one of the reasons why she married him in the first place. Maes always but others first, including the needs of his family. He loved them like no other person could. Everyone either liked or hated his gushing over his family. With his passing, it served as a heartbreaking moment. Especially for his young daughter. The feelings have no words to express how people felt except for his one dear friend, Roy Mustang, ” It’s a terrible day for rain.”

It’s a terrible day for rain.

This was our shocking scene and saddest death in anime! Did we get this spot on or is there another character death or saddest scene that sticks out in your minds? Feel free to leave us a comment below and on our twitter page! We also apologize for the lack of content recently! Our work schedules create interesting situations but we will strive to provide what we can for our awesome and loyal viewers!


3 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 24/25! -Most Shocking and Saddest Death-

  1. I agree. I cried when Major Hughes died. Life is so cruel! Why you gotta be like that!? Why did you have to go?! (I know so that they can trigger a character development on Mustang, but still.)

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    1. I know! But it shows how amazing the writing is for this anime. Also I finally got to this comment! Only three days later!

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      1. LOL

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