Anime Challenge Day 23! -Favorite Attack Used In Anime-


Alright, So this is today’s normal article post! Still will be short due to car issues today! I am on a fantastic streak of negative happenings at this moment and I hope that all turns around for tomorrow! To start us off, we all have those memorable attacks. Whether that attack is from Naruto or Dragonball Z, they all stick in our minds and we often try to imitate it through other sources or real life. My favorite attack however has got to be any of the Alechmical uses in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Just what they are able to do and wreck through those is something of uniqueness and just plain something that really hasn’t been seen before. Each nation, each character has a unique mastery of a certain alchemical aspect. Whether that is blowing stuff up or being able to cause fires with the snap of your fingers. It is both a unique point and a powerful one.


3 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 23! -Favorite Attack Used In Anime-

  1. Sorry to hear about that, hopefully everything will turn out okay. Nice choice on day 23. Using alchemy as a weapon looks cool.


  2. I certainly agree. When I first finished reading the manga, I couldn’t help but clap my hands together and imagine destroying something whenever I’m feeling angry. Good thing it doesn’t work in real life because I’ll have to deal with destroying an entire city with alchemy whenever I’m pissed off. Anyway, I hope that you get through those hard moments that you’re currently experiencing.


  3. I nominated you to the Creative Blogger Awards. Here is the link for explanation:


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