Infinity Dream Award!

infinity dreams award

Wow a normal post aside from the challenge posts for once! Thank you late work scheduling! First of, a big thank you to Jiraiyan at Otaku Orbit for nominating our website for the awesome Infinity Dream Award! This marks our second award and the first in the Infinity category! The rules for this one are pretty simple, list seven dreams (They can be personal or website related) and nominate seven other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them. Pretty simple, pretty easy! So, lets dive right into the beef of the matter, the blackmail material that is our seven dreams!

  1. Find out who I am. I wish to find where I fit in the cosmos of time and do my part to help others in their journey to find where they belong. Everyone wishes to have that warm, fuzzy feeling of belonging and I am no different in that pursuit. We all must find out who we are first, in order to figure out where we fit in the enormous tapestry that is the universe.
  2. Improve my writing abilities. I know I am hardly the best with the grammatical side of writing. No one has called me out on my blog so, good sign? It is a craft I have struggled to improve on for sometime now. I hope to be able to write clear and concise articles and to be able continue the goal of bettering this site through it.
  3. Finish college and get an apartment. Like all money conscious individuals, I worry immensely about cash and finishing my degree. So, like many other students before me, I got a job to make that ends meet. I do not regret not having my own place. I would like to able to afford my own space in the future, though that is something that requires a bit more than just my foot in the door. It will be a long standing objective and goal of mine for a while.
  4. Turn my website into a career. I want to write for a living. I love the notion of being able to sit down and write an article and then get something in return for doing that. Don’t get me wrong, it just isn’t about money, it is about being able to turn this hobby and passion into a job that I can put all of my focus and effort into without distraction.
  5. Find my better half. Is it not the life long wanting to find that other person who makes you smile? Who knows how to work you to do something. That encouraging voice in your ear, that soothing tone when your days are sour. We all wish to aspire in obtaining this dream.
  6. Change my lifestyle. I am by no means unhealthy or a compulsive gamer though, I want to be more health conscious in my choices and I want to be able to still do the things I enjoy and love but from a healthier standpoint. I almost feel as if this award article is turning into a confession booth or maybe a mock new years resolution post… We will leave that to the masses.
  7. Lastly, I want to be an inspiration to others. I want to help encourage other people in pursuing their dreams. Whether that is writing, game design, being with the person they love, whatever else they may want. I want to be that bastion of support and I want to use this website for just that. To be a hub of creative thoughts and efforts that help encourage others to reach out and take their goals.

So, there you all have it. I hope it wasn’t too fluffy in terms of what I posted. These are seven goals/dreams/aspirations that I hope to acquire within the year or later. Now, I shall nominate seven other deserving authors/writers/bloggers/dogs for this award!


4 thoughts on “Infinity Dream Award!

  1. I hope you find the answers you looking for, I am sure you will find your place of belonging. I hope everything goes great for your future. I believe in you.

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  2. Some nice dreams. I hope they come true. 🙂

    Thank you for the nomination! I’ll post it in a day or two.

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  3. Hello Kausus! Congratulations on this award. Keep it up. Good dreams you have there. I wish you all the best on your journey of fulfilling each of them. And of course a huge THANK YOU for nominating my blog, Fujinsei. I’m very happy. Unfortunately, I don’t receive this award in my blog but I’m really glad that you nominated me, so thank you very much. Once again, congratulations. Keep on blogging. Cheers!

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