Gaming Challenge Day 16! -Game With the Best Cutscenes-

We like those shiny and glossy covered scenes that grace us when we play games. Whether it is an MMO or a standard game on the console systems. Cut-scenes fill us with a slight joyful side when it comes to these things. Firstly, they give us a better impression about the world we inhabit and play in. Secondly, it gives us a chance to see how the game was to be visualized. So, the game we love to see is the amazing game that is, Dragon Age Origins. I loved the cut-scenes in this game. They felt so vibrant and alive that I got lost in watching them. Not to mention, the awesome soundtrack coupled perfectly with this game!

Rather short but I think the video link explains itself. What are some of your favorite ones? For us, Halo Wars was also a close second, due to a fond passion for said game, regardless of the ratings it may have received.


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