Anime Challenge Day 21! -Favorite Goofy Character-

15 - 1

Alright, this one is a piece of cake or at least, that is what I told myself going into writing this. The fact is, anime has a TON of funny and humorous characters that just make me laugh or tickle a funny spot for me. The one that I feel I always go back to when I talk about anime with friends and family, is the character, Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-Chan!

Yes I am aware she is a new character, at least in animated terms. Her character is both well developed and amazingly funny. She personifies the stereotypes that we throw at Otaku or Gamers. We may even classify them into a Zone. That odd promotional site-banter aside, the anime has yet to not make me laugh. It’s use of pop culture references and typical comedy have become something of a rather delightful side to talk about and reference to friends. Even the anime itself is a laugh fest of amazement, not just her character. However that chat may be saved for a late review, once the anime has run it’s course and finishes.


What about you all? What is an anime character that you find goofy or comical? Was this a pick you would have chose or maybe someone like Gintoki? He will be a Sugar King after all. Feel free to comment below or on our Twitter page!


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