Anime Challenge Day 20! -Anime Character That Gets on My Nerves-

We all have that one, stupid, idiotic, most hated anime character. This character for me really isn’t a character at all. It is a character type that exists within anime. I understand that these characters represent realism in the highest form. Yet as the viewer, we don’t want to be reminded of that realism. We don’t want that character to be real, well for some that isn’t the case. That being said, there are some characters that emulate this realism factor and pull it off very well. It is characters like Armin from Attack On Titan, who over do the emotional side of fear. Yes his character represents this emotion spot on and it is fully understandable but, common. How useless they feel really just picks at a chord in me. I know there are a lot of fans who love Armin and don’t get me wrong, he is a well written character. He just is too well written for my tastes.


Though it just isn’t Armin, it is most character types that do this in just about any anime we watch. That is why this article for me just touches a spot that makes it hard to write out something clear and fairly concise. I think it is best to just leave it with this fact. While we all have that one character that we can identify best, there are others that we have come across and have impacted this feeling, this emotional response almost, to the character type. I hate the character type that crawls in to disrupt a happy relationship in an anime I am watching. There are plenty of examples from One Week Friends to Chobits, of characters that do this but it isn’t the character that is bad, it is that instigating personality that drives my nerves insane with hate and angry.

So, what are some of the characters that make your nerves tingle with anger? Do you have a character type you hate as well? Feel free to comment below or give us a shout on our Twitter page!


5 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 20! -Anime Character That Gets on My Nerves-

  1. Oh man, I found Armin annoying too. Glad I am not the only one.

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    1. : D You keep getting cooler and cooler.

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      1. LOL. Thanks I guess… I don’t think I am cool but w/e

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  2. Damn, I feel ya, bro. Armin is one annoying motherfucker.


  3. Gah I hated Louise Valliere in Familiar of Zero. I know she’s the main character, but she’s so damn stupid it hurts.

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