Gaming Challenge Day 14! -Current or Most Recent Gaming Wallpaper-

This post will actually be a toughie. I usually don’t have video gaming wallpapers and mine tend to just be Kill la Kill based ones. That being said, I do from time to time throw up a few gaming related wallpapers so for the rest of this post I will post a few of the ones I really love and enjoy and talk a bit about why I like these specific ones. You guys are all lucky, i get to dig into my personal wallpaper folder for this! Insert excited feelings here.


So this first one is one of my long running runs. I loved the First Dragon Age: Origins game when it came out. I poured so many hours into this game that I had to give it some much appreciated love. It was one of the first Bioware fantasy games that I got really into.


Call it a crush but I absolutely love Lightning Farron. She is strong, soft, kind, forward and just down right awesome. This is the one of the only ladies of Final Fantasy that I really enjoy as a character.


Lastly we have hands down to top female in gaming, Fem-Shep. It was awesome to see that she finally got some game cover love as I prefer fem-shep over male-shep, in terms of tone mainly, since all the lines they speak are relatively the same between the two. I also love the mass effect series so it is a win-win.


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