The battle is raging, the home team is down and is looking to be out of the fight! Wait! Our main character is using their secret move they trained all night practicing! They haven’t mastered it though! They did it! They beat the enemy! This usually sums up a fight in an anime or at least some of the more epic scenes that we are often faced with, when watching our favorite shows. We use these moments to give us those rushes that fill us with this ticklish feeling of joy or just utter awesomeness. That is why we will be discussing one of our personal favorite scenes.

While Attack on Titan has a lot of hype, as well as negativity, about it. The fight scenes are something of an awesome nature. I personally loved the scene where Levi goes ape crazy on our female titan antagonist. The music, the art style, everything about that scene was amazingly awesome. It only help to add more emotion for Levi, seeing his friends, all dead in horrific ways. He harnesses that rage he feels for his losses into a fury of attacks against the female titan. You not only get to see Levi in action but you also get to see him slip up, which is supposedly uncommon for a man of his stature and ability. That doesn’t detour him anymore rather, it causes him to be more tactful and mindful about what he is doing. Even then, he manages to scare off the female titan. If you haven’t seen it or have yet to see Attack on Titan, I highly recommend checking it out. While we haven’t featured it on our site, it may crop up, we did however talk a bit about the Attack on Titan game for the 3DS, so feel free on checking that one out!

I also apologize for how posting have been for the past few days. I feel a bit out of touch when working full days. Nothing wrong with it, just distracts and takes a bit more of my time away from this website. However, I still want to provide you all with the best I can provide! Hopefully, sometime later tomorrow, I will address my award posts then so, that way I can credit those who have nominated our website!



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