Gaming Challenge Day 13! -A Gamer I Have Played More Than Five Times-


I find this day’s question to be rather rough to answer as I have played several games more than five times. I have a lot of love for these games but one has to standout. That game however has to be, Halo Wars. Now, now put those torches down. I loved this game. It got luke warm to bad reviews for a Halo game and for a last game by the fantastic Ensemble Studio. I loved this game not for the story but for how awesome and amazing it played.

There was nothing to compare at the time. Having the ability to play a Halo RTS literlly drove me mad with a feverish nerdy passion. Even though I no longer have an Xbox-360, I still have my limited edition copy of it. I didn’t often get the limited editions of games but this was a special case and I have to say I love it so much. I could literally live off this game and Dorito’s. Anyway, due to long work day, this will be a super short post and I apologize for this. I lack the energy to write longer but I did not want this to have to be repeated tomorrow with another post.



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