Anime Challenge Day 18! -Favorite Support Female Character-


So again, much like the gaming post this will be short and sweet! I wish I had more time to write these tonight but sadly my real-life scheduling is a bit hectic and troubling. So to make things simple my favorite supporting character has got to be, Mako Mankanshoku.

Her foolish nature, mixed in with a heap of caring friendship and driven personality makes her one of the more unique characters in anime. I mean, she quickly got a massive support and following from everyone who has seen Kill La Kill. She is out there, she worries and she is just too darn cute and adorable for her own good. She has awesome priorities but they seem to be lost in her absent minded state sometimes. While she doesn’t exactly understand things at first with Ryuko but, with the progression of the story and the events that follow, Mako turns out to be someone who is a strong, fighting spirit that is able to show Ryuko the far beaten path when no one else can. Even going toe-to-toe with her at times. She makes this list for those exact reasons. I again apologize for how, less, these post are. I am hoping to get a change in scheduling soon, that way I can focus more effort into making this website, the site I have been trying to make it.



1 thought on “Anime Challenge Day 18! -Favorite Support Female Character-

  1. She is both funny and cool. I like her in the show. Her 3-star Goku uniform reminds me of Jotaro from JoJo Bizarre Adventure.


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