Gaming Challenge Day 12! -A Game Everyone Should Play-

When it comes to games, we all have those titles that we cannot put down for whatever reason. We praise it on the internet, we praise it to the sun; or we just praise the sun. Either way, we get the word around that the game we are playing is worth looking into and playing, over and over. The game that tickles our fancy in this regard is none other than, Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic.


This masterpiece of a game, shows what Bioware is capable of and also what good writing can do. While not the story telling behemoth like the Uncharted games are, KOTOR is still an amazing game. Released for the Original Xbox, and then eventually PC and Mobile devices, KOTOR showed the world that story telling RPG’s could be heavy influencing factors on what we do with the games we play and how memorable they can be; it also helped that the Star Wars setting was spot on fantastic. While being one of the harder games I played when I was younger, I remember a fond hatred of how long it took to get about completing the main story line. I am sure it wasn’t really that hard or long (keep those dirty jokes aside!) but, when I look back on the game now, I was impressed with how engrossing the lore was, how awesome the characters you encountered where. I have yet to come across another RPG like it, however Mass Effect still takes a special spot and Dragon Age Inquisition is on the burner right now so, we shall see.

If you are up for an awesome Star Wars game and a very amazing RPG, give this one a look. You can find it on steam or the iOS app store/ Google Play Stores!


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