Anime Challenge Day 17! -Favorite Supporting Male Character-

With characters that pop up in anime, it is often hard to not want to like the main character of the anime in question. There does come a time, when the supporting cast is often better or much more engaging than the main line cast. For my case, the character, Izaya Orihara is one of my absolute favorite ones.

While Durarara!!! (DRRR!!!) follows the stories of several characters that we get point of view focus from, Izaya tends to only pop up time to time, to help advance the plot in a certain direction or to just simply be a thorn in everyone’s side. His demeanor and character personality, make for a explosive combination of pure evil and wit. His character has inspired many tabletop characters that I have made and lets face it, he is the bad guy we all hate to love. Just how he does things seems evil, dastardly or just down right back stabbing. But that is why we like him, that is why he is as engrossing as he is when he is on screen.


You know people will listen when he talks, I believe even he has come to realize this and uses it very much to his advantage. Every character knows not to trust him or to listen to what he has to say but, part of this is false as they do listen to what he says and will often play right into his hand, with out them even knowing they did. DRRR!!! presents us with a character that uses his god like personality and views to influence a world of chaos and death to further his own motives and goals. This is why Izaya Orihara makes our list as our favorite supporting male character!


4 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 17! -Favorite Supporting Male Character-

  1. I like Izaya, he so devious. However, I would not want to be friends with him.

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    1. I think his coffee table stories would be quite thrilling. 😀

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  2. He’s devious and cunning and I adore him!

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    1. I think most everyone does… Usually. :3

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