Gaming Challenge Day 10/11! -Best Gameplay/System Of Choice-


I swear, work likes to get in the way at perfect times! However, I do have a bit of time off now, so hopefully I can get some meaty work done, in regards to these posts! So for today, we gotta make up another day so we will have a delightful two in one post. I feel as if though I am straining to rules a bit but… work does take priority. So, let us start!

In terms of gameplay, every game is diverse and brings something fresh and new to the table; unless that game is Call Of Duty…. The most unoriginal and boring gameplay. While I understand the moniker, ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ CoD should really try to change the gameplay up as most of the fighting tends to follow a circular pattern around the maps. My diatribe on CoD aside, having a game that has fun and engaging gameplay is half the reason why we look into the games we want. If it isn’t something that makes us awed or wowed, then we usually toss it to the way side. However, we should really be getting to the game we picked and that game is, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The latest entry into the main series is one that is expansive and holds much adventure and joy to be found. While a traditional RPG, the  fifth entry in the series is the most challenging yet with new fighting systems to keep any Elder Scrolls veteran in the game and enjoying every second of gameplay. From the dual weapon system to the much improved magic system, the gameplay is diverse and engaging and presents an interesting aspect when going about the games many quests and main story. Giving you the option to tank it out, stealth around or engage from afar, Skyrim gives the player a gameplay dynamic that few games can give us. While newer games are able to do much more, thanks in part to the new generation of consoles, the gameplay aspects will only continue to increase, day by day.

To continue with the last point and to address the second aspect of this post. My system of choice for gaming has got to be the PlayStation 4. Now, I grew up as a Nintendo kid, then an Xbox fan boy and now a refined gamer loving his PlayStation Console. I have nothing against the other consoles. I decided to get my own console around 2011 and the one I went with was originally, the PS3 Slim (First generation) and it introduced me to a whole new library of exciting games that I never knew with Xbox or the Nintendo systems. Because of my love for JRPG’s and other Anime inspired franchises, the PS system seemed a logical choice. Recently I traded in for the PS4 and it has not been a bad choice and it is something that I am greatly enjoying right now. There really isn’t much to my reasoning besides my tastes. Every console has their own way of advertising and their own library. While I personally find that most of the PS exclusives tend to be very story driven and Xbox tends to aim at bringing everyone together, I feel that everyone can find something in a console that they like. I personally love how the console and controller feel and look with the PlayStation 4 and for my game choice, it fits better.


Well, there you have it! I hope work lets off a bit more and allows for more time to allow for my website. I may have to adjust my work schedule around so I can put some more time and effort into catering to this growing website! I will also be doing a Let’s Talk about my choice in moving to the current generation of consoles and what I think of the switch thus far. Also to the two award nominations, I thank you so much and will be working on a post regarding those! Thank you for the love and support you all have shown our website thus far!


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  1. PC gamer for life.
    PC is love. PC is life.

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