Anime Challenge Day 16! -Anime With the Best Animation-

Do you prefer potatoes or do you prefer the excellent full main course? We often gauge how something looks with potatoes so who is to say that we don’t do this for what we play or watch. Anime is sadly not excluded from this criticism. We want an anime to shine, dazzle, sparkle and look fresh. It is why we watch what we watch. So, for today, we will be diving into the deep end and discuss what anime we think has the best animations out of all the anime we have seen so far.


Kyousougiga takes this post for us. A short gem, a terrific confusing story. Kyousougiga has fluid and gorgeous animations that are vivid and down right amazing to watch. The anime itself is just about two years old now and had an episode debut of 10 episodes. The character design is absolutely spot on with modern standards and manages to stand out so very well. You can easily spot this anime out of the sea that it floats in. Much like my fascination for Kill La Kill, Kyousougiga scratches a visual itch that not many anime can; not saying the story doesn’t do anything for me, just this post is about animation. The character actions are wonderful to watch and there is hardly a hic-up or stutter that we can see when watching this anime.

A wonderful example of how fluid and beautiful this anime is.

Every characters movements are diverse and they all have tender attention put into them. It is amazing to see how each character moves and reacts to the world that encompasses them. I have yet to see the visuals, the color pallet, the vividness that Kyousougiga brings to the anime/animation table. The design must have taken a fair bit of time to visualize and the effort that went into creating this life must have been equally impressive. It is amazing what one can do with a few tools and a bit of time, in order to birth something amazing into this world. If you have yet to catch this series then feel free to give it a look on Crunchyroll!



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