Anime Challenge Day 15! -Favorite Sidekick~Pet/Summon-

All good heroes/heroines have a trusty side kick to help aid them or to just simply act as moral support. When it comes to my favorite in terms of anime. I can think of no one other than Tsubaki Nakatsukasa from Soul Eater. She hails from a long lived family of Japanese Demon Weapons and is the trusty weapon to our favorite Black Star! There isn’t much to say about why I do, just that her character is fantastic and she has a very good ark in the Soul Eater Anime. I don’t wish to say too much about it but she does inherit some pretty awesome abilities and is a good dynamic with Black Star.


She literally is one of the few forces that can get Black Star to think and to always be able to reel him in, only when he needs it however. With the dynamics of how weapons of their Meister’s wield them, it is interesting to see how the dynamic between these two works and it often is cause for tension as Tsubaki must attempt to reel in Black Star from having to go too overboard. Though Tsubaki is far from perfect herself as she must continue to develop with her own issues after fighting with her brother; though that fight eventually gives her the power and resolve to be able to stand up for herself and to stop doubting her own abilities with which she was entirely capable of.

Again, just short and sweet. That is what these posts are for! If you are wanting to catch Soul Eater, check with Netflix or Funimation. It may crop up from time to time and is a very awesome anime! IF you like the Soul Eater name, then also feel free to check out Soul Eater NOT!


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