Gaming Challenge Day 9! -Saddest Scene in Gaming-

Well, today we now get to chat about the saddest scene in gaming and this one will be short and to the point. For myself, playing Mass Effect’s wonderful trilogy and meeting these varied characters and learning about them and seeing them grow, made me love them all and care about them. No matter the choice or decision I made. So what I chose as my saddest scene is and has to be Mass Effect 3. In particular, Mordin Solus and Thane Krios’s deaths. Dear god the feels were real and they both came at me like a man holding a telephone pole while riding on the worlds fastest train in outer space. They had to be some of my favorite characters in the series and they were the hardest to let go of.


Both had a showing in Mass Effect 2 and where around for a little bit of say half of Mass Effect 3. But they had such great characteristics and personalities. I don’t think there was a person that did not enjoy them, though everyone has an opinion to who they like as a person and or character. Losing them both felt like my crew was diminished in some way. It was like the galaxy didn’t feel safe without them helping to guard against the reapers. However that is what great character development is all about. Making you feel like absolute poo after seeing someone whom you have cared about and developed a relation with, just die. It feels like losing apart of yourself. Don’t even get me started about that prayer scene with Thane and his son. Holy buckets of tears, when his son said that, that prayer wasn’t for his father it was for you… I put up the out to lunch sign and and dined on the feel’s main course.

So, short and simple, I don’t like these sad posts because I am a person who is very in touch with their emotions and just thinking about this brings on the feels. Do you have a scene you can think of that you hate thinking about? Feel free to comment below or on our twitter!


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