Anime Challenge Day 14! -An Anime That Never Gets Old-


We all have those go to anime that we can watch till the end of time. No matter how many times before hand, we can always fall back on those anime and they will continue to provide us with awesome feels and new lessons each and every time. For me personally my fall back anime was one I didn’t watch until just a few years back. That anime being, Mushi-Shi. Both the first season and the second season are fantastic. The story is a narrative that is self contained into tiny 24 minute episodes and provides stern lessons and valuable thoughts. The anime is just, lasting. there is always something to take from each individual episode.

It is unique that each episode is self contained and yet, the anime can have a long term trickle effect on the story as familiar faces and places will pop up from time to time. Still, there is nothing of a coherent main plot, just the travels of Ginko as he tries to help the people he encounters with their Mushi problems. He usually will learn of how or why they became this way, the lesson that is birthed from the result of this is often something that was a human cause like, greed, envy, depression. You can learn a lot about the human condition from this anime, as well a thing or two about how life works. How I best describe this anime to others is that, it simply is a Miyazaki film but in televised format.

Each season runs a course of 26 (first season) & 20 (second season). The series doesn’t have much in the way of soundtrack, it is simple in terms is what I am trying to say. It does stand out at parts, however I think the openings really sum up the feeling of this anime. It is by no means a sad anime but the world has a calming and relaxing feel to it when we watch Ginko wander about the land he is in. If you feel like it, head on over to Crunchyroll and be sure to catch the second season. The first season can be caught on Hulu or Funimation’s website. The dub is not half bad either! So pick and chose which one and enjoy an anime that can unravel a new lesson with each passing episode. So, here is the anime that I choose as the one I can watch until the cows come home.


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