Gaming Challenge Day 8! -Best Soundtrack-

Alright ladies and gentlemen. This post will become something that seems grandiose. I know that I have done a few posts on music in Anime and for those that do not know, I am a huge fan of composed tracks and epic compositions. For games, this is the same, if not even more true. I love how epic the scores can be and how soft and subtle the melodies are. But, one game and one game alone can take this spot; at least in our one track mind when it comes to article writing. The game in question is the fantastic PlayStation Exclusive… Journey. Nominated for a Grammy and winning several awards for best game, Journey’s impressive score is powerful, oh god is it powerful.


If the beautiful environment, the silent cut-scenes and the pursuit of ones own journey is not enough, then the soundtrack will give you those emotions. The composition has had many covers and has had much love. It even surprised the composer, Austin Wintory as he was so humbled by all the love he was receiving about how beautiful this score was and how well it was done. His Grammy nomination saw him going against names like Hans Zimmer and John Williams. You know you did well when you see your name up there with those great composers. It is the complete emotional journey all wrapped up into one package. While this is also not a post about best game of the year, it is still a fantastic game that shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete and play through. It truly is though provoking and emotionally charged. I remember getting a bit teary eyed at the end of this game just sitting there, letting the feelings of this song pour into my being after I had completed my journey. Just listening to it while I write, gives me the goose bumps I get when playing it. It triggers evoking emotions and guttural responses from oneself as they play or watch this game unfold into the master piece that it truly is.

If you feel like supporting this artist, then do yourself a favor and go over to iTunes and purchase the soundtrack! It is full of great songs and I promise you will not be ashamed to play this loud and proud like I do.


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