Anime Challenge day 12/13! -Saddest Scene & Character I Am Most Similar To-

Because work is demanding and decides to throw my schedule for a loop, I have to make do with what I am able to do! So hopefully that isn’t the case at the moment, cause I got some catching up to do for the days that I missed! So, to start the road trip off, we are going to take a look into one of the most saddest anime scenes I have had to watch or experience. Like most of those who are emotionally attuned, I have to say that the feelings I got at the end of Angel Beats and just about every other character getting to live out a happy moment, it was like being hit with the feels hammer then getting ran over with the feels train. The simple fact that this anime took the time, effort and love  to get you invested and involved in the characters lives.


To then see those characters feel, realize and crave just a simple moment of happiness. It literally is more than enough to help make someone cry; if not ball like a baby. The ending though is what really did it for me and is what made me realize how much feeling and emotion that anime can carry over into the real world. I still to this day cannot bear to stand watching it, due to the fact that I know I will get chocked up and look like a sobbing fool. I know it is a super attractive quality, right? Poor attempts at flirting aside, I have to say that the letting go scene for Yuzuru Otonashi & Angel is super toughing and super duper, one of the most saddest scenes in anime, for at least myself. This or Kamina’s death is right up there on the list but, I talked enough already about Gurren Lagann, so it’s Angel Beats time!

Now this last section is a tricky one. Finding an anime character that I am most similar to. I will be taking this in the terms of personality and not looks. So, as far as personality goes, I say that I can probably most relate to one of my favorite Gintama characters, Kondo. Not his humor or luck with the ladies; well the latter may be one… Just how he is about duty and doing what needs to be done. He takes a half-butt view on the situations but will still carry them out in anyway he see’s possible but, it usually ends with someone or something causing grief to what he was doing and a bit of collateral damage… The Shinsengumi don’t have the best track record but it is at least a start.


1 thought on “Anime Challenge day 12/13! -Saddest Scene & Character I Am Most Similar To-

  1. Agree with Angel beats. One of my saddest scenes in Angel Beats is episode 10, near the ending, when Hinata proposed to Yui, combine it with the background song then Boom! One way ticket to Feelsville.

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