Gaming Challenge Day 6/7! -Most annoying Character & Favorite Gaming Couple-

Alright, because I was lazy and missed a day I gotta make up for that with an awesome doubles day post! Wooo! So, let’s get this show on the road and into your computer screens! So to start things off there are PLENTY of characters that are annoying. However, the misnamed, Adoring Fan, from TED IV: Oblivion is the one that I feel many, if not most can unanomously vote as the most annoying character yet. Why is he annoying? Well, he is useful, he can carry things for you, you get him ‘free’ after you complete the Arena quest line in the Imperial City. However, he is utterly useless in a fight and at the first sign of danger or trouble he is out of there. Even with a massive charm spell or courage boosting ones he still will flee fairly soon. The other enjoyable factor that everyone adores is his dialogue… nothing more repetitive or dull.


He does however tend to make for very good target practice on top of the point infamously referred to as. Dive Rock. Nothing more satisfying with hiding evidence there after an unfortunate game of, shoot the apple. However he isn’t with out fault, it is truly just how his character is and there isn’t a thing we can do about that. While some may love him for these antics, others like myself were utterly put off by him and would only carry him around until his use ran out. It sounds a touch too dark when you think about it… However he is rather annoying…

Continuing on with part two, this boils down to my favorite gaming couple. This one was a hard bit to write about as most couples I have seen are from my own personal RPG experiences. However there is one couple that stands out above all, at least in my think book. These two love birds are EDI & Joker from Mass Effect 2/3. A bit of an odd one yes but, their humor and the dynamic relationship that they carry is something to smile about. They are funny, witty, and just trying to live. EDI being an unshackled AI and Joker being a pilot with brittle bones seems to make for a rather humorous couple approach and well, it does.


Everything they do, garners attention from the crew and various characters that travel with you. And depending on your actions through the course of the game, this relationship can evolve, change and or perish. It really feels odd having complete dictatorship over someone else’s relationship; however they do advance regardless of some of your choices, for story sake.

I also want to point out that this weekend will be an event weekend for myself at work so I will be a bit absent minded with this website for the time being. I do apologize for lack of posts or there of. With my two other authors, we should have some content rolling out but I will do my best to see that I can get some posts out every now and then. I hope to be able to do a few batch jobs before leaving for work today. If not we will see what I can do!


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