Anime Challenge Day 11! -My Favorite Mecha Anime-

The chugging of the gears, the whips of steam, the sound of deafening guns firing. We all love Mech’s, heck Japan has even constructed life size Gundam’s of them. When it comes to the anime side of things, I feel I lack the proper exposure. The reason being, I simply have little interest in them. That being said the only Mecha Anime I have seen and watched all the way through has been, Gurren Lagann. However it seems to me that this anime pops up from time to time in this list and has little chance of dying down any time soon. So, expect a very short post today since, I am fairly certain you all have seen enough of this aha.


Aside from the outstanding story that is in place, this anime is, at it’s core a mecha anime. From the beautiful fight scenes, to the amazing transformations of team Gurren Lagann. Mechs have a predominant means of traveling and fighting in the anime. They are essential, if not almost entirely required for the group to move from place to place, victory to victory. They are far from the end all be all that we think that they are, they are still vulnerable and susceptible to damage and catastrophic malfunctions. But for Gurren Lagann, it has got to be the fights that really set the stage. They are epic in scale and literally tear the local area they are in to pieces. There really isn’t much more to it than that really, which is why I stated that this one would be a short one!

I do also apologize for the lateness of this said post as I recently went and traded in my PS3 to a PS4! So I have been busy trying to get that bad boy all set up and break it in!


2 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 11! -My Favorite Mecha Anime-

  1. Thanks for the post. I always get watery eyed during some of the more beautiful fight scenes. Something about this show gets to me (and it is just the fight scenes xD). You posted this while I thought of upgrading to the BD collection. Not that I believe you’re an agent from Aniplex, but this is too cruel. My wallet =/…

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    1. Hah, I wish I was an agent! It would be totes awesome!


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