Gaming Challenge Day 5! -Game Character I Feel Most Like-

Today will be a rather difficult question. It may also be an odd one too however, we will do our very best to get the topic of today out and answered in any fashion possible. I decided to do this article on the spot rather than having it pre-written as I have had the others been for the past few days. The reason why? Simply because, I don’t really know which character in gaming I most feel like. This answer today may be multi-part. I know it normally isn’t like this but take it from a person that can find a way to relate to almost any character in a game series and still not be able to figure out which character they fully connect with or feel like.

When I think of characters that I can relate to, I usually find them in places like RPG’s or J-RPG’s. Lightning being one of those characters. Yes I already did one about her, but for this article I had to lean a bit on the few games I have played. I feel like her in the sense of her personality that she carries throughout the games. She is determined but she is also timid about herself. She knows when to be brave and strong and yet she is still someone who is vulnerable to societies whims. I feel like that sometimes myself and it is a major reason in why I enjoy her character so much more than other video game characters. While not relating on the gender aspects of things, I always enjoyed how driven she was to accomplish her goals by any method. While she may come off as pushy or uncaring, she really does care and instead distances herself in order to fully achieve those goals; though with time she does open up more and learns to accept the help of others when the time arises. That is something that I myself have difficulty with in understanding and opening up to.


Now the second aspect of this is a bit tricky, in the sense you can play this character based upon the opinions and motivations of yourself, rather than their motivations. That character being Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series. Now before you go and tell me that, “Well these are characters you have a hand in creating, so they cannot be relate-able and or felt like.” While that is very much true, the simple fact of the matter is that characters like these are actually in fact, the best candidate in finding a game character that you can relate with. They are you. In a metaphorical and moral sense. They will act based upon your input and therefore can best be related to. There are times though that when I play, I forget this sense. Shepard is a character that is very unique. Not in the sense that he/she is the one person in the galaxy with common sense rather, they can fool you into believing that you are emulating them. Now hear me out, this is coming from my play style and not the mass majority. When I play Mass Effect, I sometimes forget that this characters motivations are my own and not their own. So in a sense this character, for me at least, takes on a life of their own. I will often find myself mentally asking, “What would Shepard do at this point?” It is moments like this that I will often stop, think and realize that I am relating to a character that I made, gave motivation and moral to and yet, they stand out like their own character and not an emulation of myself.


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