Anime Challenge Day 10! -Favorite Fighter Anime-

We all love that one fighter anime. Whether it is the long running DBZ, Naruto, Bleach or One Piece, we all have a favorite. While none of the above particularly interest me, I am hoever interested in the fantastic series that is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. You will not find a more manly, courageous, honorable anime out there; I mean the manliness levels this anime radiates is off the charts. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t watch this anime to up my manly factor. Rather, I watch it purely for the amazing anime that it simply is.


JoJo’s follows the tale of the original Joesph Joestar and his epic battle with his thought to be adoptive brother Dio Brando. The JoJo name sake is then continued from season to season with different characters each time but the enemy that is the Vampire, remains the same and original threat. There is not much in the way of fluff as the anime favors a comedic approach to the formula, while delivering an anime that can kick some serious butt. I mean, the fight scenes are both funny, serious, dangerous and very well scripted and drawn. The art style is something that is unfamiliar yet comfortable. It almost reminds me a bit of DBZ’s style but uniquely JoJo’s. Another awesome point to the anime is its various openings and epic soundtrack that accompanies it. I personally love the first opening song but, the others are quickly catching up in likes. Here, listening to it will be better than just me talking about it.

That first opening. It took me a while to watch this anime. After getting several recommendations about it I figured it was time I give it a play as it had been sitting in my Crunchyroll queue for the longest time. So, if you are needing an anime to watch that gets your blood pumping or boiling, that sends your manliness levels upward (Even if you are a girl, I am sure this will make the manly level surge), be sure to add this anime to your queue and watch it. Trust me, this is an anime that won’t let you down, no matter how you look at it. With excellent voice acting, comedy and of course fights, this is an anime to last the ages! If you prefer to read it, Barnes & Noble has recently started offering it for sale! So visit your local B&N or choice manga store and pick it up. Now.




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