Website Discussion! -1000+ Visitors and 2000+ Views!-

I originally wanted to get this out last night but watching the new episode of Non Non Biyori-Repeat took priority… To get to the point our humble website passed a few landmarks yesterday! We dipped above both 1000+ Visitors and 2000+ Views! Which is pretty darn awesome! So roughly every visitor I had has viewed at least two articles. While not an extremely big number, it is a big step for our site and it means we are still progress forward. I believe it took roughly the first three months on here to get above 1000+ Views, so in a matter of a few months after that we increase that number even more so. I do hope this means a further increase each month! We will try to get more articles out when we can and since we know have two part-time authors it should also help with the diversity pool in terms of what anime and gaming articles pop up!

Another big step was yesterday marked the best day on record for views! We almost broke the 100+ mark but I will settle on what we got, which is 94. I really do hope to keep this on the up; as more views means more people seeing our content. So, we are excited to see what the following days will bring! If we dip, we dip but that means we just got to stand out a bit more than we have so far! We cannot thank you all enough for the support you have given this little site of ours. We will very much strive to bring you the very best that we can in relation to articles. We do have a few new anime lined up and our in the process watching those as we speak. We also hope to do more articles in the vein of episode impressions/recaps. Though regardless, we will continue to provide what we have provided thus far and more.

One last time, thank you for helping us make yesterday a big day for our website! We want to make each and everyday something worth while and exciting for you all, so I do hope that we can still continue to have that honor! I have great plans and grand dreams for what this website will eventually be and I hope to be able to provide that to you all. I look forward to seeing what the rest of 2015 has in store for us all.


5 thoughts on “Website Discussion! -1000+ Visitors and 2000+ Views!-

  1. Congratulations, Kausus! Keep up the good work. ^__^

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    1. Thank you! : D And you too as well! >:3

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  2. Congrats 😀

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