Gaming Challenge Day 4! -My Guilty Pleasure Game-

We all have them. The games we cannot put down, the go to game, the trusty side arm. As any good gamer knows, you got to have that one fail-safe back up, in case anything ever goes wrong. Streamers have these games in events a stream fails or they cannot play their designated game. My fail safe for gaming has to boil down to a rather unlikely game that is popular but still not very widely played. That game in question is a little gem called Mount & Blade Warband: Viking Conquest.


While the Viking Conquest DLC is very much a newer release, the base Warband game has been out for a couple of years now. This game is a low fantasy game set in a medieval setting. Your goals are entirely dependent upon what you the player wants. You could play as a tourney winner and do nothing but tournaments. You could maybe be a mercenary for hire in some petty lords or kings war(s). You could even aspire to become a lord or even to set out and establish a slice of paradise for your own taking. While most of these features are limited in their far-reaching goals, the game does have an insanely awesome modding community and many a great have emerged from it. While this game does recieve a fair bit of low review scores and bad feed back, I still find a loving embrace for this game.

It plays like no other game I have ever played as you can literally fall within the first few minutes of battle. All it takes is a good spear or arrow to put you down. While there is no perma-death, unless you have the viking conquest dlc, the game can be quite unforgiving. However that is where the fun lies. It is so very satisfying to play a game and feel like you are this sword wielding noble, ruffian or bandit. You can literally shape the landscape with clever trade or you can set the countryside ablaze with fire and death as your warband marches through the area. While the economic side of the game isn’t very established, it is something and it can provide players with a fair bit of coin, a chance at making money to help fuel their desires or war efforts. You can marry, influence others or out right battle them for the right to rule. It isn’t a very demanding game but will still struggle on some older machines. If you are interested in this game, I recommend heading on over to the games main site!



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