Anime Challenge Day 9! -Best Anime Villain-

There comes a time and day when all the good from the world drains and you are left with the individuals who see various means to a rather devious end. Villains make the world spin, keeps the good guys/gals on their toes and sows the fabric of chaos where ever they go. For today, we have to give ourselves the task of narrowing down the best anime villain; which mind you is a rather difficult task as there are so many good ones out there! Who did we go for? Well, we had to go with no one other than, Vicious.


Vicious, like his name sake, has zero disregard for the people and the world around him. Constantly at odds end with Spike, Vicious will do what he can to seize the day. A mad dog with a taste for violence and chaos. The only man to match Spike, wit and speed and the only person to be able to emotionally wreck a person as strong as Spike. While not a very fleshed out character in terms of how villains go, he still is a memorable character from a very memorable anime. Just his demeanor, his anguish and hunger for power. He goes as far as threatening the lives of those Spike cares most about just to lure him out in order to spite him and to hopefully kill him. This, the person Spike saw as a brother, who showed him the ropes.

Nothing stings more than the blade or bullet of betrayal. While a short lived Villain and hardly much screen time, Vicious stuck out than most villains have, in terms of his presence and character design. I think both the English and Japanese voice actors portrayed him perfectly and gave life to a character that crawls and strikes like a snake with a deadly venom. As an added bonus I will be including a video of one of their fights. It has some of the most memorable songs of the Cowboy Bebop series and delivers the tune and emotion that follows along in the steps of Spike and Vicious himself.  The man reminds me of the many great villains that I have seen in film yet, his personality sticks to the wall like glue. His appearance helps and his disregard for any and everyone’s life, including his own is something of startling woe.

That does it for day 9. We are almost at day ten! Which should hopefully be a fun post! Got a bit of fore-reading done on the series and I think it is going to be a fun one at that! Who was your favorite anime villain? Short-lived or not, leave us a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 9! -Best Anime Villain-

  1. One of my favourite villains is also from Cowboy Bebop. But I will pick Mad Pierrot for this one. Kind of reminds me of Millennium Earl from D.Gray-man, but in a more frightening, sadistic way.
    Gee, he’s scary. And mad.

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