Gaming Challenge Day 3! -A Game That is Underrated-

There comes a time and day when you are talking with your friends about certain games, only to find that they laugh at you for liking a game that was received poorly or was just flat out not given a fair chance at the lime light. So, today is the day we give one game a shot at some lime light, to bring forth a game from the depths of the underrated pool and into the loving(?) embrace of the readers! The game in question is that of the name, Kenshi. Keep in mind, yes this game has high reviews but it is also considered a very broken game and is often talked down upon most forums that I visit. We are treating this section as a sort of hidden gem type of post in order to help give this game a little bit more exposure and to hammer out a few things.


Now this little gem is a game on a grand scale. You essentially make a character and you get to wander an expansive map populated to the brim with danger and fortune. You can build a mining or trading town, then progress it into a bigger functioning City or maybe even a mercenary camp. You can literally build a force to conquer the known map, that is if the many roving bands of bandits don’t put a stop to your ambitions first. The game is literally out to get you as soon as you start and doesn’t let up until either you die or the game crashes.

That is the big number that causes many to rate this game low and to just push it to the way side. The game does suffer from a host of bugs that can crash the game. But don’t let that put you off. The developer and the help that he has does their very best to make sure the game is something that is playable for us. While they are not the quickest in getting the updates out (Due to time constraint and real-life situations. You gotta live to work.) but they make up for it when they do release patches and new content updates. I remember seeing this game early on and thinking how cool of an idea this is and how well it still plays, even with game crashing bugs. This guy literally started on this project by himself and managed to breath an ungodly amount of life into it with just him pulling all the strings and binding them together to deliver us a playable product. But due to support from passionate gamer’s, he as been able to get a few more hands on to help him make this game into something a bit more.

The scope and scale of this game is something to be appreciated and respected. It takes a lot to build and craft something like this and get it to work with what little help one person may have had. I have yet to even find a game that matches this one in terms of what the player is able to do and how they can go about it. You don’t have to be a builder, you can fight for bounties or heck, even make your own bandit faction and terrorize the traders and innocents that roam the wastes. So, give this little gem a look, sure it may crash a time or two but it really is something worth ones time.  A little bit of support can go a long way for a game and its developer!

Official Website:

Steam Page:


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