Anime Challenge Day 8! -My Favorite Anime Couple-

With many fans enjoying the art of mashing couples together into OTP’s (One True pairing’s) it would make sense for a list to have an entry for a favorite anime couple. So, the issue boils down now to what ones we will pick. We certainly have our choice yet, it seems rather overwhelming upon first glance. Thankfully, we don’t have to fret much as we already have a couple in mind! So, lets introduce them!


The couple that we chose as our favorite, is the couple from Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions, Rikka Takanashi & Yuta Togashi. I mean, it is a fairly simple choice for us, simply because it is a budding romance that you see slowly evolve, change and blossom. While there are other couples like this, I feel Chunibyo gives us something to look at and partially relate to. It gives us a sort of warm-mushy feeling that nothing else can possibly give us, short of actual romance itself. The couple meets in a usual anime fashion and from there begins the long bumpy road that is a relationship. They see their share of frustrations and moments of bliss. But it is how they act and who they are that makes me feel all happy for them. They are playing out situations that I personally would fall head over heels for. But this isn’t about me, or is it?! Definitely not. They are dynamic in their relationship that I cannot help but feel happy for them, even when writing this article… Bit odd yes? Maybe not. Even the supporting characters help their lovey-dovey antics by providing situations that they hope help give them a bit more encouragement for moving onward with their relationship.

The first season of this anime introduces the spark or flame of interest in them, with the ending of the first season making them enter into a cute and happy romantic contract while the second season picks up in helping to develop that relationship into something that is more than it could have ever been. It opens Rikka up more and it shows Yuta that he is not the hopeless Chunibyo that he used to be but rather, someone who can be there for Rikka when she needs someone to be that bastion of steel for her. If you have not seen the series, be sure to head on over to Crunchyroll to check out both seasons. It is a delightful ride of emotions that you cannot miss and we even have a few articles about it here on our site!

Day ten is almost upon us and we cannot help but feel excited to be part of the way done with this challenge! If you like these challenges, then feel free to check out our articles on the gaming side of the 30 Day Challenge! As always, feel free to comment about your favorite couple(s) or to give us a shout on our Twitter page!


2 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 8! -My Favorite Anime Couple-

  1. I watched the Youtube video. That was so cute.

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