Anime Challenge Day 7! -My Anime Crush-

Ahh the shame category has come up and around to us this time. Today is the day we talk of love, good, classy, pure fictional love. For some this crush and love interest is pretty… strong but for others it is no different than having a bias towards an actor or actress. So for the sake of posts, and science, we shall discuss who it is in the land of anime that steals our hearts and rocks us to the core!


To be honest there is no way around this and due to anime having a tendency to have a lot of high school aged characters, I had to dig around to find someone at least age appropriate or old enough by today’s standards. So we will have to go with… Ema Yasuhara! Phew, someone who is at least out of high school and working in the job force! Yeah! But in all seriousness, her personality is of interest to me. She is smart, shy, sincere and respective of others. I don’t know how long this post will end up. It seems fairly straigth forward to me and to the point but, I guess we can dive into the why. Well, there isn’t much to the why other than the fact she has an adorable face and an excellent personality. I mean, she likes manga and anime and heck, she works in the industry!

But that isn’t all that charms people. She has an amazing workout routine that she got to share with the world in episode 16 of Shirobako. Least to say she quickly became a fan favorite due to this. She is very normal and that is what is charming about her. She is pretty gosh darn normal. No fluff or exaggerated parts. Simplicity down to looks but passionate about what she loves inside. So, that is why she makes this list as the anime character we have a crush on! I’m sure there are more that I could have talked about, Like Faye Valentine or Yoko Littner but, those would have been to obvious yes? Haha, feel free to comment below or leave us a shout out on Twitter!


2 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 7! -My Anime Crush-

  1. Faye Valentine FTW, sir.

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