Gaming Challenge Day 2! -My Favorite Gaming Character-

Video game characters come and go but time will continue onward. Today we get to talk a bit about our all time favorite video character! Now, this seems rough and difficult but for me this is actually pretty straight forward. The video game character that stole my heart and got my attention most has got to be Lighting, from Final Fantasy XIII. Let me tell you the why now!


She makes my list over others like Fem-Shepard (Mainly because Fem-Shep is of our own making and not really a stand-alone independent character. Or at least in our opinion, we didn’t want to choose someone that was changeable.) or say Master Chief but, Lightning was just striking. I immediately knew I was going to find her character interesting when I first picked up FFXIII for my old Xbox-360. It wasn’t something that would be arguable in my mind. Her character was a bit of stone wall at first yes however, she ended up developing into one of the best characters I have ever seen. Her personality, her style, all of it flowing into making her a standout choice. She was supposed to be the female version of cloud and for many I feel she embodied that perfectly. I remember reading either an IGN or Kotaku article that discussed this very situation. I couldn’t help but agree in that regard with them.

While her sister, Serah Farron, was a massive fan favorite, Lightning was still ranked up there. Heck the whole cast of FFXIII is pretty gosh darn memorable and this series really got you to relate and get a feel for the characters, more so than any FF game I have played to date; except for Hope. He can go jump off some high structure… But we are drifting off course now into a discussion area. Back to Lightning. From her awesome pink hair, to her sick gun blade combo, she embodies a strong willed woman, who is afraid to open up in fear of being hurt easily, which is why she became like lightning itself. Strikes fast but vanishes just as quickly. She learns that this is not the case, as her character progresses through the first and subsequent 2nd and 3rd game entries.

And enjoy the video above. I found the opening to FFXIII to be something that was totally amazing and should not be missed! That will do it for today’s entry! We also have our 30 Day Anime challenge running along this one too. That post should be up around 9:00AM Central Time, so be sure to give that one some much needed love! We also had a few changes happen! We got entirely new, modern headers and images for our logo and we should also be getting another new author to help contribute to the website! Exciting times, I know. Any way, as always feel free to comment below or on our Twitter and let us know about some of your personal favorite gaming characters or if you liked the same one we did!


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