Let’s Talk Gaming: -My Love for Tabletop RPG’s-

It’s been a while since I have done a let’s talk on gaming, however I wanted to talk about a genre of games that I thoroughly enjoy and that I feel everyone should at least play. Those in question being tabletop games, in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons. After all, I have a few gamer’s that like my site so, why not give them something more engaging, more dynamic than a simple point and click or a run and gun. I may or may not have to go into detail about what these games consist of but I will for the simple fact of covering my bases.


Tabletop RPG’s like D&D or Star Wars Saga Edition, are role-playing games based on the D-20 system by Wizards of The Coast. The objective of the games can vary but generally you have a Dungeon Master (DM) or a Game Master (GM) who crafts an intricate story around which the players must fumble and fight their way through. Every game can have a varying degree of freedoms and average campaign length can differ from a few weeks to a few months or longer. Play sizes can vary from 3 to as big as 10. Many people play these tabletop games and many more love them over traditional video games. But the question many will ask is why? Isn’t it a lot of work and effort? Well, yes. It takes a long time to get a good game going, and even more work to make it still fun. This is something I have personally dealt with when it comes to role-playing games and they are not for nerds or geeks. You gotta put in a lot of reading, a lot of thinking and a lot of planning. Creating a world out of nothing isn’t child’s play; then again it can still be just as fun. How much work and effort is required is purely based on what the DM wants out of their session(s). You can have an easy session that flows and isn’t that fluffy or you can have something that engages your players and invites them into the world you crafted. I personally love being able to get a group together, seeing them create identities and lore to their characters; then watching them fumble around my world I made, trying hard to make a living. This is what I love about tabletop RPG’s and I am not alone.

Famous names like Rooster Teeth, Wil Wheaton, Mattew Mercer, all engage in the wonderfulness that is D&D or other tabletop games. Each one plays for a different but yet, universal reason. That reason being love for it. If you think about it, taking these players, having them craft these characters to act out in a literal living story that can change on the outcome of a die roll, is one of them most thrilling experiences ever. I know, it sounds odd for someone to be saying that playing make believe is thrilling but, it is true. Ask anyone who plays and they can tell you amazing stories about sessions they had or about situations that happened in their game that literally made players cry.


Nothing is more satisfying than having a session where you can make your players feel like these little plastic models have valuable lives and that once that flame is extinguished then, they are gone. D&D isn’t just limited to fantasy. Take for example Star Wars, haven’t you wanted to ever pilot an X-Wing or take the fight to the Empire? Well, these games let you. You can live that all in your head, but you live it vicariously through the persona you just made for that character. You craft stories, worlds, love, life through your characters. Even book worthy content can be made and has been. Tabletop RPG’s give you what ever flavor you want in terms of the universe you play in. It just needs a bit of paper, pen and figures to populate it’s infinite and far reaching expanses.

Now the big question. Do any of you play tabletop RPG’s? Have you thought about it but never got around to it? Feel free to let us know on Twitter and our Comment section below.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gaming: -My Love for Tabletop RPG’s-

  1. I barely have enough time to play standard, simulated RPG’S let alone tabletop ones?! Stupid, encroaching maturity!

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