Gaming Challenge Day 1! -My Very First Video Game-

In the spirit of the Anime Challenge, we shall also engage with the 30 day gaming challenge as well! Who said we didn’t love writing posts for you all? So, to start us off we will be talking about the first video game I ever played/owned. Since it doesn’t state other wise, I will be going with the game I first owned and played through.

maxresdefault (3)

The first game I ever owned and played all the way through was the amazing game that was, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer! While also indirectly referred to as Star Wars Podracer, the game itself was an amazing game at the time. I got it for the Nintendo 64 as the first game I got for my birthday. Boy did I love it! I put so many hours into, being the only game i had and the only game to keep me entertained for hours on end. It was engaging and super fun! Just being able to race against the other podracers from the movie and lore was enough to be something that was fun and amazing. I maybe put a total of 100+ hours into the game, which can easily be beaten in a short span of time but, it took patience and more to find every little secret that the game held for us all. It had a full roster and of course featured Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba! There wasn’t much in the way of customization but it was enough to get by on and understand.

While obviously dated and the dreaded N64 controller something of an awkward design, the game still plays pretty well but it is very much outshine by the newer games that our out there. I would love to see a rebirth of this series on the newer consoles and PC. It would make for an awesome racing game for the die hard fans of Star Wars and for racing fans in general. They could add a whole slew of new and complex features that would make the game even better! Like say, building your own podracer! The dreams are real my fellow readers, the dreams are real.

So, did you ever play this game? Or did you play the second entry on the PS2? Let us know in the comments below or on our shiny Twitter page! Hopefully you don’t mind us running two challenges at once. More the merrier I say, gives you all a bit more to read and it keeps us all busy trying to provide new content for you all to enjoy!


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