Anime Challenge Day 6! -Anime I want to see but haven’t-

This category is a bit hard to answer. There are a lot of anime out there that I want to see but for me it boils down to either an anime that was word of mouth, I have seen bits of or out of my own curiosity. The anime in particular that I am going with is one that gained a pretty good following and isn’t a Japan anime but an American one. The anime in particular is RWBY. Now I haven’t watched this yet because of any different feeling towards it, rather, it just hasn’t been up there on the list for me. However, due to this past Naka-Kon, RWBY has poked at my interest a fair bit. Having heard many good things about it from family members and friends, I figured I should give this anime a look sooner or later.


The art style is something I hear that is both unique and fresh but can vary depending on the person watching it. Some like it, others hate it. Those that hate it, usually use the story as a redeeming quality to talk about when they bring up RWBY; that and the varied cast of characters. There are so many unique characters that I am really having a hard time not trying to go and watch it. The other fact that got this anime a big boom was who made it. Rooster Teeth, known for their hilarious Red versus Blue skits, decided the time was right to tackle the anime world. From my understanding they managed to do very well for themselves in that regard as RWBY has managed to get a substantial following. At this past convention alone, there were maybe upwards of 20+ different Ruby cosplays; though since I am not familiar with all the characters, there very well could have been a lot more that I wasn’t seeing.

While not a longer post, these types of sections may be a bit smaller since I haven’t obviously seen it and it is purely based on that as well. So, if you have seen RWBY, what did you think of it? Where you put off by the art style as well? Or did you enjoy it, as well as the story that accompanied it? Feel free to let us know on our Twitter or Comment section below!


6 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 6! -Anime I want to see but haven’t-

  1. I really recommend it. It has action and comedy. The animation and the characters are amazing. The opening muisc for season 1 and 2 are addicting.

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    1. That is what I hear! Well, I will be watching it very soon, since Volume 3 was confirmed as a good to go.

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      1. I wonder how will that be since the creator Monty Oum died in Febraury. He helped create the animations.

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      2. Yeah, they said they are utilizing what he had done for volume 3 and carrying on in the vein of what his original ideas where. So hopefully they hold up.

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      3. I hope so. I can’t wait for volume 3. Monty will still be missed ;_;

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