Let’s Talk Anime: -Why Shirobako is Awesome!-


Once in a while you stumble upon a simple anime that doesn’t go over the top and is hardly a fantasy action flick. Rather, it portrays characters with simple motives and a working passion to make anime. Shriobako is this anime. It is simple to its core and doesn’t stray far from that. Shirobako is the story about five girls who after community college went on the try and make a living in the animation world. While each one has a differing degree of success and blunder, it is an anime like no other. The fact that this anime attempts to show us what actually all goes into the planning, the editing, the changing, is something that is rather unique. I mean, I have yet to see other anime that really tackle a 24 episode long season to show how an anime gets made.

That is the charm I think, the charm of being something so simple as that, that makes me interested. We all have those switches, those key buttons that when pressed, we fall in love with whatever it is. Shirobako was that for me. Being one of the first anime I watched for this website, I didn’t expect much, in fact it was one of the first round of reviews I have done for this site. Now, I don’t want to make a habit of going back to anime I have already reviewed, unless they are for challenges or other stated events, as I don’t want to seem purely biased. That being said, I do highly encourage watching this anime. The characters, especially Ema, are so well done, so fleshed out, that you cannot help but find a few that you like and or interest you to some degree. Even the voice work is amazing. Each character has a voice that stands out, so much more than the rest that it gives you a sense of you being engulfed in the work. It is something that you can also learn to appreciate. We all have a base understanding of what may go into the animation work but, you never know about the stress, about why something was stalled or had to miss its air date. Shirobako gives us a window into the madness, albeit in a very anime manner.

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Further more, Shirobako also helps with my side of work. When I feel stressed out or at a lack of what to write or post, Shirobako usually goes up on my Crunchyroll and it gives me a chance to relax and think about things. I can at least partially relate, which is why it helps me with what ever logistical issues I may be experiencing. Same could go for anyone out there that animates or draws or voice acts. Every character in this anime is shown in some sort of duress, at one point or another. We love being able to relate to someone, real or not. If we can relate, then we understand that we aren’t the only ones feeling this way or experiencing a problem. We also love to see others being passionate about things that we love to. Seeing anime character passionate about making…. anime, is something that is truly pleasant and interesting.

There are not too many far-fetched scenarios that pop up in this anime, when they do, they are obviously imagination based or just your standard funny anime bit. Other than those bits, the anime flows nicely. You even get to see the five girls advance through their experiences and it truly is something that is awesome and amazing. You see Aoi become more confident in her leadership like role and you get toe see Ema advance more so as an animator than from she was originally doing when she was in college or even the first few episodes. That is the other pleasant aspect, every character changes, literally. They waver, change, and leave. It gives a more vibrant and life like quality to the characters.

Ema from Shirobako experiencing dread.
Ema from Shirobako experiencing dread.

I have gushed on more than I intended for a let’s talk but Shirobako is unlike any anime I have seen and I hope it is something that is enough to peak interest in it for anyone out there reading! If you want to see some more Shirobako love, then feel free to check our our review and let us know what you think! I would enjoy getting to be able to revisit the Shirobako review we did at a later date, to give our first review a bit more thought and justice. Feel free to give us a shout on our Twitter page and comment section below!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Anime: -Why Shirobako is Awesome!-

  1. This has been on my watch list ever since it started airing and I have no idea how did I manage to skip it until now. From what I’ve read it seems to kind of approach the action in Genshiken, which I toootally loved. And lately Shirobako has been popping up on every blog. X D
    It’s clearly gonna be my next watch after I finish Hataraku Maou-sama. ^^

    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It truly is. I am a bit biased since it was my very first anime that I ever reviewed. Watch it when you can! : ) Thank you! Keep up the good work too!


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