Anime Challenge Day 5! -The Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoyed-

This one was a no brainier and it is one of the anime that after having watched, I realize now how pretty ashamed I am of myself for having watched it. The anime in particular being Upotte… Yes… This anime poked at my curiosity a few months back, when I started this website and was looking for stuff to possibly write on. Having watched this anime through, in two days, I finally saw that this wasn’t an anime that I felt like I should review and or possibly talk about. Though, here I am talking about it. Now in some defense, it is a hilarious anime. It just decides to personify weapons and then add a bit of a sexual spin to them all…. Who knew a skeleton stock could be referred to a thong… Even the odd ending was, odd. While I did enjoy the humorous aspects of the anime it was the over the top fan-service that made me have mixed feelings.


The anime had very good voice acting and it’s visuals where very awesome! When the anime wasn’t taking shots at being over the top in fan-service, it was actually a good anime. There are points though that make you question why you watched this or at least, that is what I found myself asking. The fight scenes however were very well done and are pretty damn informative about all the weapons used in the anime. I was surprised to see that much effort put into giving a bit of background on the personified weapons that were being used in the anime. While this article will be a shorter one, it will simply be short as I don’t have much more to say about this. I liked it, but I didn’t enjoy this either. So that is why it makes this spot as the anime I enjoyed but felt super ashamed that i liked it for the few bits that were ‘normal’ That being said it isn’t too bad but it does tend to get rather borderline at key points but, it’s humor is one redeeming quality in my eyes!

So this is day five down and I can’t help but feel a bit bad after writing this. I feel like I need to take a shower or at least throw up another article in hopes of making everything feel better! If you are interested in checking Upotte out, as I was, then feel free to give it a look at Crunchyroll!


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