Anime Challenge Day 4! -Favorite Female Anime Character Ever-

Alright, this is a dirty, evil post. As mentioned in the last post, I always preferred the female characters over the male ones, due to them being more fleshed out, at least in my opinion. Their characters always seemed to interest me more and always had the most emotion behind them. So for today’s post, this was a toughie. There are so many characters that I enjoy and I wish, oh how I wish I could gush over all of them. Alas, I must only go with one. If I had my way these posts would probably just consist of how much I love Kill La Kill but I feel that would become rather repetitive and annoying. SO, with out further stalling, let’s get this show on the road!


My favorite female character has to be…. Rikka Takanashi. She is such a funny and unique character that I had to pick her. I can also relate with her Chunibyo phase. I mean almost very person can to a varying degree. She is adorable, passionate, and strong but also clumsy and very shy. Now I didn’t pick her for the cutesy aspects. I picked her because she just resonates with me. We all have that one character that makes us feel ourselves, or even person. She has that relaxing quality about her personality and it is that personality that makes so many love her; though some take it a bit too far… Her character is also an interesting one to watch progress through season one and two of the anime she appears in. She develops from a social recluse, into someone who is more sociable and more engaging, although she still is very much socially awkward.


Her Chunibyo phase is also something that seems to be a source of great laughs as simple confrontations can turn into fights like we are used to seeing from an action anime and not something from the lines of a romantic comedy. She can also be seen a variety of gifs and is the main reasoning why I stumbled upon this anime. Her iconic finger point spin is something of a driving interest among the internet users and has gone to inspire other anime character memes based off just that; though may lack of internet culture could very well be wrong and maybe it was something else that inspired her amazing finger spin.

She is far from a perfect character. She hurts, she wants to experience love but doesn’t know how to classify it. She hides behind her imagination and wields it as a powerful weapon that can both bring her joy and sorrow. That is what makes her that much more interesting and relatible. She wants what we all want and yet she is clumsy to find the right way to express herself but when she does… The feels hit and you can’t help but feel happy for her as well. Sp, there you guys/gals go! Our favorite or at least my favorite female anime character and a 4th day down! We are looking forward to busting these out quicker as we go day by day! Hope to see you all next time!


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