Anime Challenge Day 3! -Favorite Male Anime Character Ever-

With day 3 upon us, we now get to take a look at my favorite male anime character ever. This one is a bit hard for me. I was never really, ever interested with male characters as I was with the female character. Not because of an attraction issue or anything, rather female characters seemed more developed and had a bit more intrigue behind them. However that has always just been my view and opinion. There have been some notable male characters that have made a lasting impact on me and I have to say, this is a character that just about everyone I have seen, list as their favorite character. That character being, Kamina.


You won’t find a more dashing, charming, caring or supportive character than I think you would find with him. Just the impact that his death had on the story of Gurren Lagann and the viewership of the anime was enough to make people cry or sit their in shock. His character was not just physically powerful but it was his infectious and inspiring personality. Now mind you, this character doesn’t have much in the way of a drawn out, lengthy back story. He has just enough to get him by but rather, it is his friendly and caring disposition that inspires and commands that attention, that love. But he wasn’t the main reasoning behind the speeches. It was his adoptive brother, Simon, who was able to put action to his words and to put resolve behind him. Kamina wasn’t glory seeking, rather he has principal and a drive to help make a better world for those who followed him out from the shallow pit of their former lives.

Kamina displays all the positive attributes that we would all inspire ourselves to be capable of having. He was literally a paragon but, he has had his own share of folly in his life with his father. He of course is far from a flawless hero but, who is perfect? We all have our flaws and I feel you could still see those in his character. I feel that this post isn’t about Kamina, it more or less is about his character and his ability to make those around him, including those watching, feel uplifted and inspired. It is the sole reason why I have the drill necklace from the show. It is a positive reminder that there is someone that can at least inspire you to do your best and to be able to drive that inspiration forward, piercing the heavens with it. If you gotta believe in something, Kamina always had a great way of putting it, “Believe in the me, that believes in you.”


3 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 3! -Favorite Male Anime Character Ever-

  1. Kamina is really awesome in the show. His phrase “Believe in the me, that believes in you” is probably one my favorites.

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  2. I think you just made me want to watch Gurren Lagann.

    Btw, I find it funny that we started the challenge on the same day. X D

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    1. Great minds often think alike. : 3

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