Anime Challenge Day 2! -My Favourite Anime I Have Watched Thus Far-

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So, with day two creeping up on us quicker than anticipated, which in it’s defense is not an entirely bad thing. So with out much fluff to stall us, let’s keep this bus moving down the road! My absolute favorite anime I have seen/watched/lived/completed/fallen-in-love-with has got to the fantastic collaboration between Hiroyuki Imaishi & Kazuki Nakashima called, Kill La Kill. Now hear me out, I don’t love it for the fights, the skimpy clothing, the ludicrous amount of fan-service. I love it for the don’t give two shits what you think of me anime that it is. The art style is phenomenal, the soundtrack is blast worthy and the voice acting is superb (Talking the sub here, have yet to lay a finger on the dub). I had just finished Gurren Lagann about a month or two before this anime cropped up on Crunchyroll for simulcasting and having enjoyed that I figured I would like their second collaboration. I wasn’t disappointed. From Ryuko Matoi to Nonon Jakuzure and every other character in between, this anime has a character that can be related to and a character that everyone can hate. Looking at you Nui… looking at you.


The story was another compelling part. Everyone has lost someone and everyone tries their best to figure out why they lost said specific individual. No matter the reason, the story is strong, emotional and inspiring. Heck, even Ryuko has that one best friend that is always there for us when we don’t feel wee need them or want them. Mako is the fountain of inspirational praise and motivation that Ryuko sometimes needs to realize her goals. As I said above, the music is another high class point with this anime right here. The sounds are incredible, both electronic and heavy rock give their bits and bobbles to this anime. It also seems the random lines in German are becoming popular(ish). Attack on Titan was the other previous big name anime to use German lyrics. Don’t know if it is a new trend or phase but, it helps. If you want a good listen to the soundtrack just give YouTube a general search and you will be able to pull up something. The other fact too that Kill La Kill, is getting a Manga adaption is another reason why this anime keeps leaving a lasting impression and influencing factor on me.


I could careless for the flashy fan-service that is sprinkled through the anime, though I feel it may not be the same without it. You have to take these things with a slice of bread. I have wanted to show others this amazing anime but I fear they would think less of me when they find out that a majority of this anime is about half naked women, fighting in suits that make them skimpy… Hard sell that one! But none the less I still am in love with this anime, the art, the music, the characters. It all adds up to make an anime worth watching over and over (About to hit my 6th re-watch….).

Sometimes, I feel like Mako when watching this series. So full of energy!

There we have it folks and yolks! This is our second day down of the 30 day Anime Challenge! Woo! I almost feel like celebrating now that we got two out of the way and only 28 more to go! Should prove interesting when you start getting deeper into the questions category! As always thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you all in our next article! Also if you are as excited for the manga release like I am, be sure to click on that hypertext link that we threw into the article! It is still up for pre-order and you can bet that we here at OGZ have already gotten it pre-ordered well in advance!


5 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 2! -My Favourite Anime I Have Watched Thus Far-

  1. The anime rocks. I really like the opening music.

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    1. Garnidellia’s Ambiguous is available on the US iTunes store page : 3 As is the first opener.

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      1. I am debating on getting this. It’s either this or Sirius.

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      2. Well all I can say is, “Hearts laid bare but I don’t Care cause, baby it’s a rush of pure adrenaline.”

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  2. Oh, a favorite anime post, let me just reach deep into my dank maymays


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