Let’s Talk Anime: -First Impression: Himouto! Umaru-Chan-


Like all categories, we decided to change things up and while we are watching anime slated for review, we will start looking at anime for first impressions. Rules are simple. We watch said anime, write about said anime and then see what you guys/gals all think about it! Brilliant right? At least that is what I like to think. So, today we shall be taking and giving, our first impression of the new anime Himouto! Umaru-Chan.

Now, I have seen the gifs, the image posts all over the web. My curiosity was peaked so, I decided to give this anime a look. I have to say I am delighted that what I found was pure gold. Now note that this will all be impressions from the first episode, so keep that in mind. The anime follows the daily lives of Umaru and Taihei Doma as they live out their lives in small apartment block. Taihei did not know what he would be getting into when his sister arrived and moved in with him. Least to say, the stunning and beautiful woman that she was to her school friends was greatly under-estimated when she arrives at home each and every day. She has a startling difference between her public self and her true self. Both being arguably cute and adorable.

At home Umaru.
Public Umaru.

Her obsessions range from her love of JUMP(u), to the popular Jun (One) Piece series that is in publication. She also shares a very healthy appetite for junk food and just about everything sweet and or salty. Her brother has to handle this alter-ego on a daily basis and is often made out to be a brother that is rude and mean to the oh so innocent Umaru; that is when they are out in public of course. She uses her feminine grace and charm to get what she usually wants, that being mainly JUMP. Though her school life is a fabric of carefully sown and mended lies that have the whole school in awe of her. She is surprisingly gifted in both academics and sports. She easily out swam a swim team member and easily out scored one of the top performing students in her class. All of which still drive her brother to questioning how a lazy no good otaku is capable of this; he’s be surprised really.


The comedic aspects of this anime are quite good. And the chibi nature of Umaru’s real self has already inspired figure releases and is making head way in the collectors market. I am pretty sure that we may see some cosplay’s of this character popping up soon, if not already. The episode count is already up to five so, it remains to be seen if it will be a simple 10-12 episode run or quite possibly a 24 episode run. We will try to update you all when we find out. The opening song is quite addictive and the voice work is fantastic; also the odd bits of sound effects from the mouse clicking to the typing sounds are all oddly pleasing… The art style is another note of praise, as every new anime released continues to set the bar for design and style ever higher. At this rate we may need to just do an article on some of the best looking new anime this year!

You can currently enjoy this series on Crunchyroll and is currently in simulcast releases on Wednesday’s at 2:00PM CDT. I highly suggest you give this odd little anime a bit of your time, I trust you won’t regret your decision. Whether or not this turns into a series that we will want to add to the review list remains to be seen. It usually is determined by our time-table. Feel free to give us your thoughts on the anime below or on our Twitter page!


1 thought on “Let’s Talk Anime: -First Impression: Himouto! Umaru-Chan-

  1. I started the series after seeing the chan talking about it all the time. And I was disappointed at the beginning. Umaru was really annoying (even more annoying than Kirino from OreImo, I may say) and just…I didn’t like it that much. After the 4th episode, tho’, I had a change of heart. I’m starting to really dig this one. And Umaru is a lot more appealing now. Aaand I totally love that Sylphyn chick. X D

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