Anime Challenge Day 1! -Very First Anime I Watched-

Alright so, in order to challenge myself further I decided to throw up the good ol’ 30 Day Anime Challenge! I will do my best to keep up with a daily post on this. Because of my work schedule and life, I may not be able to post on a day, so to compensate I will have double posts of this category at times. Well, let’s get this tour bus moving!


To start us off, we will be talking about the very first anime I have ever watched. Since the post doesn’t entirely say it has to be the first bit I watched, I will be taking it into my understanding that they are asking about the first FULL Anime I watched and finished. If that is the case then the first anime I ever fully watched through was Chobits. How I got to watch Chobits was a bit of an odd occurrence. I normally would not have sought this sort of anime out. Rather, it was a family friend who got this for my sister. It was girly, it had a romantic story full of feels, so it would be perfect for her. Sadly, I was the one who started watching it.

It was odd to me at first but, it was something that developed with interest as I watched it. It was funny, it was beautifully drawn and the English voice acting wasn’t too bad for the time. Of course I was a kid and I am sure that it doesn’t hold up as well as say FMAB. Regardless of the qualities of how it holds up now, Chobits was my first full anime, 26 episodes as a kid seemed like a lot but it still felt good getting to that final episode; not to mention the fountain of tears and feels.  But for what it was worth, it was something that got me into a loving passion. It showed me a delightfully amazing new world that felt like it wasn’t touched by many. Or at least that is what we all like to think as a kid.

Day one is down! Hopefully I will be able to get things sorted out as we follow each and everyday. I look forward to completing the challenge!


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