Let’s Talk Anime: -Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood-


For this Let’s Talk Anime article, we will take a look at one of my absolute favorite anime dubs that is out there, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This has to be my basis for grading other dubbed anime. Not because the anime is good, which is it very much is, rather the dub is done so well for just about every single character. How the voices flow and work with the emotions that are presented within the anime are that much more impacting than some dub that goes in half-heart; I do have yet to stumble upon one… So, let us get into the bigger beef that is this amazing anime.

As stated above, the voice acting work is something of an amazing craftsmanship when it comes to this anime. All the voice actors/actresses have done an outstanding, even godly amazing job at breathing life into this anime. Along with the fantastically fresh art style, this anime is truly living and breathing. While still fairly modern, the art style holds up very well against the newer anime that have been popping up and around this past year. It flows, it is soothing and it has its fun exaggerated moments that give you a bit of a relaxing giggle from the serious nature that flows with the anime on it’s path to even more violence and anguish. While not a child’s anime by any means, FMAB has its share of blood, fights, bonds and down right silly/serious moments. That is all due in part to the fantastic story telling that accompanies it. There isn’t an anime that I have encountered that has the same far-reaching story that FMAB has. It just manages to spin a tale so eloquently that you cannot help but find yourself trapped and surrounded by its mass.

maxresdefault (1)

One other thing that this anime has, is one item that has left me forever in love with it. If you can guess it then that guess would have to be… The composition. FMAB has one of the most amazing and outstanding compositions of any anime that I have listened to. I find it to be much more engaging and emotion provoking than that of Attack on Titan. I’m sure that may have been shots fired off the bow but, I love the chanting, the classical feel to this soundtrack. There just isn’t anything like it. It has its peppy tunes, its somber melodies and its guttural bellows. That is the beauty to the music of FMAB. It can be soft and beautiful but at the same time, it can be somber and dark. The fact that this anime hasn’t popped up sooner on this site confounds me but, it is better late than never.

One of my favorite bits from FMAB.

The anime has a run of 64 fantastic episodes and can be finished within a couple of weeks maybe faster. It consists of a total of four openings and four closings, with the first opening being a widely popular one. It features the song Again by Yui. It symbolizes the feelings and the motivations of the Elric brothers and gives the viewers a feel for what to expect from the anime itself. This anime however is considered to be a remake or a reboot. The original anime, Fullmetal Alchemist, took the existing manga’s story and decided to run in a direction that was all it’s own. While many love the original anime, some rather preferred FMAB to FMA. The reason being quite simple, it followed the manga much more closely than it’s original counter part. While I have no qualms about FMA, I feel FMAB was a better go around for just about every aspect. The voice acting seems much more sure-footed and less varied in tones that waiver and try to find a spot. I am sure that FMA picked up in speed but I have always been a picky one when it comes to items that follow a book/manga (The only piece of film that I detest more than anything else was the terrible Hollywood renditions of the Eragon book…. *Shivers*) However this is just only my opinion on the matter.

In terms of should you give FMAB a watch, I would say yes. Especially if you have a Funimation Subscription or even a Hulu plus membership, although I have heard the the Hulu page is missing several key episodes. Though I wouldn’t know what ones where missing sadly. Funimation however, will have the whole series available for your viewing pleasure. If you do decide to watch this, then be prepared for a ride that continue to get better and better a you move on the ride and the prepare for the emotional end.

So, what did you think of Brotherhood? Do you share the same likes about it and interest as I do? Or did you prefer the original FMA run? Feel free to leave us a comment below or some love on our Twitter page! Also, if you haven’t seen our new, ‘What we are Playing/Watching’ section, then feel free to hop on over to it! It will give you some ideas about what games we play and also what anime we may be watching. Could be good for ideas! We also will give away FREE Crunchyroll 48 hr Premium+ Access. They will be good for two-whole days, so that way you can get a taste of what Crunchyroll has to offer! We will try to throw new ones up every now and then. As always, thank you for reading!


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