Discussion Point: -What I Want To Do-

Mako knows the rough road to a successful club.
Mako knows the rough road to a successful club.

As per usual procedure at my place of work, our managers always ask us what we would see ourselves doing either this time next year or in future years to come. It is a question that has always rang in the back of my mind. I would hope to still be employed or at least higher up in my job, is what my usual answer to them would be but this time around I couldn’t give them the answer I was able to the few times they had asked before. Having started a website and having gotten it up off the ground and at least walking in a semi-straight line, it has taken up a considerable portion of my days. I have never attempted anything of this scale or nature before and it is slowly developing into something that, frankly is, amazing. I see these great websites like Kotaku or IGN and I think, it must be awesome to say that your job is writing about things you love. Just even looking at sites like Fujinsei gives me a burning passion to achieve articles of that standard and nature. This can be said for just about every blogger here however, WordPress is literally a giant pool of amazing writers.

But just realizing this, this small little thought, is something that will literally be a vertical, struggling climbing up past the onslaught of obstacles. Writing and running a website is something that should never be taken lightly or non-professionally. It takes intensive amounts of effort, working hours, finances and more to make a site successful. You have to self promote and advertise until you can achieve a level to where word of mouth may be all that is needed by your fan base. Just thinking about what one has to do seems chaotic and nonsensical. Here, there is a wonderful monologue out there that covers what chaos means to someone.


Even so, what I want to see myself doing is writing. Writing is something that I know how to do better than anything else. I may not be very good at it but, I’d like to think I have at least improved myself, even if by only a minuscule amount. Looking to the individuals out there who run successful YouTube or Twitch Channels, is more than enough to look back at oneself and realize that they too can have that potential. Just being able to push oneself harder every-time, to realize goals and stretch them even further, it takes a massive amount of effort to see it through. Though, I am not just speaking for myself. Just about anyone running a site, writing, playing games, wishes that they can see their hobby turn to a job that they can make a living off of. While it may seem entirely unobtainable, it isn’t that it is hard to get to that point, rather, it takes persistence and dedication to maintain and achieve that goal. There is no wall that ends or a hump to get over with running something, in the hopes that it will turn around and reward you, the wall or hump is always there. It is an obstacle that will literally follow you every step of the way, even after realizing the goal.

Now that may be a bit much in terms of what it means to run a successful site but, it isn’t too far off for most. Will my site be a site that gets popular? Maybe, maybe not. It is the risk we run when pursuing something more than what we currently have but, if it is something that I want to do, something that I wish to obtain then their isn’t an obstacle that can stop me. It may slow me down but as long as that fire, the striving wish, stay alight, then the blaze will continue on strong. So, that is what I want to do. I wish to strive for a site that may one day become my job, my business. Though like all other blogs, I am one in a sea of many talented writers who wish to see this goal to the end one day. Feel free to let us know what you think about doing with your website or your goals and dreams that you look forward to completing! Comment below or give us a shout on our Twitter page!


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