Anime Review: -Nichijou-

Random, random, random. This just about summarizes an average episode of the wonderful series that is Nichijou. Labeled as a, ‘Slice of Life’ Nichijou follows the adventures of many characters but tends to focus on the five most important ones… Yūko Aioi, Mio Naganohara, Mai Minakami, Nano Shinonome & The Professor. While normal life doesn’t follow their live’s random patterns, it still does a fantastic job of spinning a story around each or all of these characters, slowly but surely interlinking them all into the random-absurdity that is, Nichijou. The story of the anime loosely follows each character group around, whether it is Nano, wanting to learn how to become more human like and to get rid of her massive cog key that protrudes from her back, to Mio, trying hard to be the Yaoi artist she knew she was born to be. The story is both nonsensical and random but full of delightful laughs and moments of sheer wtf.

Animation/Voice: The animation quality is both fluid and down right simple at times. The coloring and art style all fit in very well. Don’t let the anime fool you with it’s brilliant art style, as it can hold up very well. If you are a fan of the over-exaggerated emotions or facial expressions, this anime is full of them. To the point of being just down right brilliant. It sort of reminds me of the simple, over-exaggerated nature of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s moments. The anime using this art point enough to get the laughing juices flowing.  the characters are all unique and standout as diverse individuals among a sea of many. Even the minor characters that crop up from time to time, have such unique art styles and personalities.

Yuko and Mio are not even pleased.
Yuko and Mio are not even pleased.

Speaking more on the character side of Nichijou, the voice acting is another above par aspect. The voices add such uniqueness to the characters that they all manage to standout. While not at all a serious anime, the voice acting for a comedy based anime is just utterly phenomenal. Though I tend to think that about almost every anime I watch but, trust me I am quite picky when it comes to the voice acting in most anime, more so with the English Dubs. Just watch scenes or bits of this anime and you will understand what I mean. For a slice of life it has so much more  going for it that it takes that energy and then slaps you silly with it all. For the sake of science of course.

Just the Professor and Nano doing their usual thing.
Just the Professor and Nano doing their usual thing.

Music: While I can continue on about the voice work and animation quality of this anime, I Got to give some love the the composition of this anime. While not something that stands out like some anime, looking at you Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Nichijou carries its own fantastic composition. It is similar in tone to how Non Non Biyori’s score is but adds just the right amount of flavoring to the already super spiced anime. The personal favorite of mine has to be the first Nichijou opening, which happens to be the featured video above the gif. It is catchy, it is brilliant and it is fantastic.

Yuko never liked dogs much after this...
Yuko never liked dogs much after this…

The lasting Impact of Laughter: As I said, this is an anime built on getting you to laugh. By laughing you are guaranteed to remember this anime over others. Nichijou wasn’t even something that was on my radar until an introduction to it by my step-brother who continued to swear up and down that this was by far the funniest anime he has ever seen. He was right. The mixture of light heart silly and down right hilarious is often a mixture that can be easily fouled by neglect or over use.  Nichijou stands taller, by the fact that it overuses this formula to perfection. By giving you characters that can the audience can at least, semi-relate to and a story that is over the top yet very simple and casual to understand. It is with all of this that we are able to better understand and appreciate all that the laughs can offer us.

Closing Comments: Nichijou is an anime anyone and everyone can appreciate, unless you don’t laugh or have a soul… No, I think you all do, so I think you all can appreciate and enjoy what Nichijou is. Unfortunately, Nichijou was on Crunchyroll a year or so but was quietly removed and has yet to pop back up in the queue list of anime. However, if you can manage to get a hold of this, by legal means please. Do yourself a favor and watch the 26 episode run and find an anime that you were missing from your life. Well, it may not be all the impactful but it is still a darn good anime. Which is why Non Non Biyori is another high recommendation from me. It is essentially Nichijou but more relaxed to fit the, ‘We live in the country vibe.’. I may praise this anime more than others, I may even be the only one who possibly sees this anime in the holy light that it is. If that is ever the case then…


Until next time my amazing viewers and followers! If you haven’t already seen, we updated our Announcement section into a What we are playing/watching at this time. It will have some gaming recommendations as well as anime recommendations as well. It will also host occasional Crunchyroll Premium+ 48hr full access membership passes! First come first serve basis of course. So waltz on over and give it a look! We hope you all enjoy the new change and we hope to keep providing A+ or at least a B average quantity/quality of articles for you all to enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Anime Review: -Nichijou-

  1. This. This is the best anime comedy so far. Not even Gintama made me laugh so much.
    10/10 would Nichijou again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you think so too! : D I’m holding out for a hopeful season two.


  2. One of, if not, KyoAni’s finest. RIP season two, coming summer 20never.

    Liked by 1 person

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