Website Discussion: -State of the Website-

Ed from Cowboy Bebop getting what she needs.

Alright, don’t expect to see much in the way of posts like these. We are planning to workout the announcement section to be a bit more fleshed out and the outline a few things. So, as it stands these posts will serve as a placeholder for now. There will be a few changes coming to the site. I do not know when nor what they are yet however, we want to constantly provide a site that is worth while to visit. This post is also just going to give everyone a bit of a heads up, since I work the rest of the week and won’t see a day off for a while. We may run into a another slump in posts due to work however, we will try our best to still deliver articles to read. So much of me wishes I can just put 110% of my efforts into this site but, money is money. On to what changes to expect!

As stated the announcement portion will be getting a total change. Due to the fact that I can use Twitter to more easily convey a simple short message.  So what will become of the page? I don’t know. I may convert it to a page for users to see our current Anime/Game recommendations or a current, what we are watching/playing. Anything to help give the community a bit more involvement would be a key aspect here. So, we are keeping out options open for the time being. We don’t want to rush headlong into a change that may not go over too well; now that I am thinking about it, it seems odd for a little site to be concerned with bigger matters. However big or small these matters are, it is all about future proofing the site. The site may also be getting a face lift. This will be a long ways off but we are always looking out for an easier format to portray information, as such we recently got around to finally optimizing the mobile site. So be sure to give it a look if you are on a tablet or smartphone!


Last;y I need to address one thing, I am under a data cap so as of right now, it limits what I am able to do. I have been capped for almost a week now and my anime schedule has been all but dropped. I won’t be able to pick back up until sometime next week. It puts quite a few review drafts on hold for the moment being. We do hope to jump back in as soon as we possibly can! As far as planned events. We do want to get into the local con experience, however we don’t know when. Naka-Kon 2016 is a for sure planned event, we just have to hope the glue holds on those plans.

We thank you for putting up with a rather dull post. I am sure we will be throwing up some random pictures just to spice things up for this article. I do not know hoe many of these post types will be used as, I want to use a better method for longer announcements; though we will have to see what lady luck swings our way in terms of website inspiration. As always, thank you for reading.


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